Why CNC Machining is the Best Method for Producing Custom Plastic Parts

Advancements in manufacturing technology have made producing custom plastic parts easier and more affordable than ever before. The most common technology you will see implemented by dedicated plastic machine shops is Computerized Numerical Control, or CNC technology used in manufacturing equipment. This technology controls automated equipment to manufacture complex parts and components at impressive degrees of precision, efficiency, and affordability. DP – West provides our CNC plastic machining services for companies across Washington, having great in-house capabilities and production capacities that can meet nearly any project requirements. Still deciding which manufacturing and design technique is right for your needs? Below is a quick reference for how CNC manufacturing works, and the many advantages of working with DP- West.

How Does CNC Manufacturing Work?

Before any of the physical plastic machining is carried out, custom plastic parts and components start out as computer-aided design models, or CAD models. These are 3D, computerized designs that allow engineers to fully explore every aspect of the design, and put it through any necessary tests and simulations before it is brought into production. These models are great assets for thoroughly developing and testing a design, and making small changes without undertaking multiple prototype runs that are costly and time-consuming. Once the CAD model is prepared for final production, the software is converted into what is known as CAM, or computer-aided manufacturing code. This allows the instructions from the CAD model to be converted into 3D tooling instructions used in the CNC equipment. To simplify – CAD models are responsible for the geometrical design of the product, CAM instructions design the tool path, and CNC equipment converts the output from CAM to physically manufacture the part.

What are the Key Advantages?

CNC manufacturing techniques are one of the most widely-utilized techniques for producing a number of plastic parts and components. Precision, efficiency, affordability, and quality make it an easy choice for most manufacturers, as it allows them to maximize their product design, without excessive costs and long tooling times. This technology also gives companies more liberty in creating complex, intricate designs without compromise. CNC manufacturing is a smart choice for producing complex parts and equipment for numerous industries.

Companies around Washington choose DP – West for advanced plastic machining services, for projects both big and small. We can handle anything from a small prototype run, to producing thousands of complex parts at scale. We offer consistently high-grade products that serve your business requirements for years to come. Ready to get started? Call us today at (800) 295-7660, or request a free quote.