Plastic CNC Routing

Plastic CNC Routing

Plastic CNC routing is performed with the use of a machine designed to manufacture specific types of plastic components. The process is not always easy due to issues that include poor finish and welding considerations. However, at DP West in Washington we have the equipment, know-how, and experience to ensure the production of plastic products through plastic CNC routing that are problem-free and made precisely to specification.

Our Plastic CNC Routing Services

Plastic CNC routing machines are capable of cutting a vast array of shapes with different sizes and thicknesses from plastic sheet. The process of plastic CNC routing can produce individual parts or a large batch of parts. The production process can be scaled to accommodate your specific requirements.

We utilize CNC routing machines that are able to cut virtually any type of plastic with cutting performed along three axes (X, Y, and Z). These machines cut with exact precision to meet the specifications of your design.

As a trusted provider of plastic CNC routing, we can help you receive a product that meets the required standards for precision and functions according to the intended design.

Through our highly effective and economical plastic CNC routing process, our team of experienced machinists are able to produce the plastic parts you need at the scale you need them with high speed and precision accuracy.

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