Machined Plastic Parts

Machined Plastic Parts & Components

Plastic machined parts are found in an immense number of machines and industrial equipment. Most people are under the impression that these parts are either extruded or injection molded like most plastic components. The truth is, most plastic parts that are going to be used in machinery or under load in different equipment will need to be CNC machined to ensure precise dimensions and high durability. At Diversified Plastics West, Inc., we specialize in the machining processes that are needed to make these machined plastic parts to such exacting standards. If you have a new project and are looking for a supplier that has the capacity and flexibility to meet your needs, no matter how demanding they might be, look no further than DP West. Located in the great state of Washington, our company is a recognized provider of high-caliber, machined plastic parts, providing customers from many different sectors with the OEM replacements or new products they need.

Custom Plastic Gears

Our main area of expertise lies in the construction of conveyor belt components that can be installed to provide a new belt, or used to replace damaged or broken components in an existing installation. We work with customers from the food processing, forestry and agriculture sectors, as well as a range of other industries which uses belt conveyors as part of their operations.

Plastic Roller Chain Sprockets

Another part that we specialize in are plastic sprockets, specifically nylon roller chain sprockets. We have a long list of stock sizes and can also manufacture to custom dimensions. For high-quality plastic sprockets and gears in Washington, turn to us.

Washington’s Leader in Plastic Machining

One of the hallmarks of our service is the accuracy of our work. Our company has invested heavily in cutting-edge machines that showcase some of the very best machining technology currently on the market. Operated by our experienced machinists, we are able to meet high-volume, rapid turnaround orders, as well as requests for extremely complex or detailed parts. Everything we do is designed to give our customers the parts they need exactly when required, no matter how tight the deadline might be. For details of our competitive pricing or any other inquiries, call us at (800) 295-7660.

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