Polycarbonate Sheet

When insulation, resistance to impact, flame retardancy, and dielectric properties are essential, polycarbonate is the ideal transparent thermoplastic material to use. Due to its toughness, superb transparence, and low moisture absorption, polycarbonate sheet is well suited for an array of outdoor applications, including enclosures, security glazing, window glazing, riot shields, safety guards, and sign faces. At DP West in Washington, we are your premier source among polycarbonate suppliers for exceptional quality polycarbonate sheet.

The versatility of polycarbonate sheeting makes it perfect for a number of professional and domestic applications. It is easy to handle and lightweight, which is beneficial for engineers or technicians who work to form or mold it into the desired shape.

Polycarbonate Sheet Characteristics

Some characteristics that make polycarbonate so advantageous include its impact resistance throughout a wide temperature range. It also possesses great design flexibility. These features make it the go-to material of choice instead of laminated and acrylic glass for applications in which impact resistant is key. Polycarbonate is very strong – about 200 times strong than glass and about 30 times stronger than acrylic. Additionally, the insulation properties of polycarbonate sheet far exceed those of glass, which results in reduced energy costs.

Various standard methods are used in the fabrication of polycarbonate sheet, including thermoforming. Polycarbonate is easy to paint and bonds well with adhesives and solvents. The sheet comes in a range of sizes, colors, textures, and thicknesses to accommodate various industry applications.

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