Washington Specialists in Polycarbonate Machining

Polycarbonate is highly durable, incredibly weather-resistant and is also resistant to many chemicals. It is naturally clear and highly heat resistant as well. It’s just one of the ranges of plastics we can use to machine your components. As a highly experienced provider, Dp West has plenty of expertise when it comes to working out which material in our range is going to be most appropriate for your project – just get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Is Machining Polycarbonate More Difficult?

Though polycarbonate is a heat resistant plastic, it is still susceptible to melting during the machining process. We are able to machine parts for a wide range of industries, although our specialty is in creating conveyor components for forestry operations, agriculture, food processing and related industries where a conveyor belt forms a vital part of operations. If we don’t have the right part in our inventory, we’re always happy to design a customized component for your particular needs.

Custom Polycarbonate Parts Machining in Washington

Price and timing are two factors that are always important to our customers. We aim to keep our costs low, without reducing the quality of the materials we use or the caliber of what we produce. Our state-of-the-art equipment and committed workforce enable us to meet multiple deadlines quickly and efficiently, ensuring your parts are with you exactly when you need them.

Polycarbonate CNC Machining Washington

Whether you need polycarbonate CNC machining or are looking for some other form of plastic machining, we can produce what you need. We aim to provide premium quality at the same time as saving you money, ensuring you get the very best for less. To find out more about what we can offer, or discuss your requirements with us in more detail, call (800) 295-7660.

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