Key Benefits to Using Plastic Sprockets and Gears

Many pieces of equipment rely on small internal components like plastic sprockets and gears for their operation. Industries like food and beverage production, agricultural equipment, automotive equipment, manufacturing, and more all utilize these plastic parts on a routine basis. Since these small parts are intended for continuous operation and performance, plastic sprockets and gears must be produced with highly-durable materials and precision manufacturing techniques. DP-West specializes in delivering quality, custom CNC plastic machining services, with great experience producing plastic sprockets and gears for numerous industry partners. We offer several plastic types, depending on your unique application needs. To help you determine if plastic sprockets and gears will work for your application, we have compiled some key information about their performance, the various material strengths available, and their most common applications.


Regularly used in farming equipment, automotive equipment, power transmission equipment, and other chain-driven systems, plastic sprockets are a common alternative to traditional metal sprockets. Specializing in roller chain sprockets made from UMHW Plastic, Polyurethane, Nylon, or oil-filled Nylon, we help companies produce custom sprockets to equip new equipment, or replace OEM parts. By using an array of plastic materials, we can custom fabricate these sprockets at greater levels of efficiency and a lower cost when compared to other metal fabrication processes. Based on the exact temperature resistance, load speed, coefficient of friction, and sanitary levels you require, we can help you make a smart material selection.


Known for their quiet operation, lightweight design, chemical resistance, and low coefficient of friction – plastic gears are an increasingly common alternative to metal in many pieces of production equipment. Examples include machines used for food production, consumer electronics, medical equipment, and other lightly loaded drive equipment (3/4 hp or less). Our team of experienced industry professionals can help you select the exact material you require, based on your application’s load speed, frictional requirements, and flexibility for dimensional expansion.

Focused on consistently delivering quality plastic machining services for our customers across Washington, DP-West helps companies produce custom sprockets and gears for their precise application needs. Completing projects from initial design to full-scale production – we offer turnkey services for producing plastic parts and components. Dedicated to service, selection, and value, DP-West delivers specialized plastic products that are a cut above the rest. Learn more about our capabilities and tell us what you are looking for by calling (800) 295-7660.