Why is Polycarbonate So Strong?

You may not be aware of it in your day-to-day life, but polycarbonate is an exceptionally strong and useful plastic, used in many applications requiring an alternative to glass. Items like corrective lenses, windows used in construction and agricultural equipment, machine guards in manufacturing applications, greenhouse enclosures, and room dividers all utilize polycarbonate sheet. What makes this material so strong? It comes down to its molecular strength and density. Resistance to impact, chemicals, and more make it a top-choice for many plastic machining projects. DP – West offers polycarbonate sheet and custom plastic machining services to businesses throughout Washington. We are happy to take on your next project from initial design phase to full-scale production.

The Transparency of Glass, With 200 Times the Strength

Scientifically speaking, polycarbonate is a polyester made by the condensation of carbonic acid and bisphenol. Studies have shown polycarbonate processes impact strength 200 times that of conventional glass – making it virtually indestructible in any real-world situation. This is caused by the material having high molecular density and exceptionally strong molecular bonds. Typically, polycarbonate possesses a tensile strength of 55–75 MPa (force per unit area). This extreme strength makes it ideal for a number of construction, industrial processing, laboratory, and manufacturing applications, as well as more consumer-facing applications – like eyeglass lenses.

Resistance to Extreme Conditions

Beyond just impact strength, polycarbonate processes great resistance to chemical exposure, corrosion, extreme heat and cold, and even fire. This makes it ideal for any extreme application, used in anything from a front-end loader cabin windshield, to the face mask used by a fire fighter in the line of duty. This material has the ability to both last a long time, and withstand extreme conditions not typical of plastic. Amazingly, through all the extreme conditions it may be exposed to, polycarbonate will maintain its clarity and transparency – reinforcing its status as a glass-replacement.

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