What to Look for in a Precision Plastic Machining Partner

To maximize the quality and efficiency of their parts production, numerous industries outsource plastic machining services. These specialized services allow for complex, custom plastic part designs to be produced efficiently, affordably, and to nearly any production scale. DP – West has served businesses throughout Washington and the Pacific Northwest with our precision plastic machining services for over 26 years. We work with both custom and industry standard designs, and offer a variety of material choices to meet strict application demands. Whether you are looking to produce thousands of parts, or have a single-piece prototype run – we are happy to serve your needs. To help your business make an informed decision, we have laid out some of the top-attributes you should look for when partnering with the plastic machining manufacturers.

Capabilities and Capacity

Above all else, you want to make sure the manufacturing partner you work with can produce the exact product you need, at the necessary efficiency and production scale. A lot of this has to do with equipment and facilities. The best plastic machine shops often work with an assortment of polymers, such as UHMW polyethylene, acrylic, and polycarbonate. Use of CAD models and CNC manufacturing equipment also helps ensure companies can produce parts with custom designs and strict dimensional tolerances – with great precision and repeatability. The best plastic machine shops continuously invest in equipment that will improve their processes and end products.


Many years in business doesn’t guarantee a company offers quality services. Make sure you do your research on past projects they have completed, customer testimonials recounting all positive and negative experiences, and how long they have worked specifically in plastic machining. DP-West combines years in the industry, a highly-skilled staff, and cutting-edge production equipment to provide the best plastic machining services in the Pacific Northwest.

Quick Turn-Around for Quotes

If your equipment breaks down and you are in need of a replacement plastic part, every minute you wait is lost production time and revenue for your business. A plastic machining partner that can produce a quote within a day or two will help your company get the replacement part manufactured quickly, and restart your facilities with minimal downtime. Additionally, any company that is quick and responsive with their quotes will likely carry that efficiency and communication into every part of their production process.

DP – West is committed to serving the needs many customers throughout Washington and the Pacific Northwest. Quality, efficiency, and custom capabilities are at the core of everything we do. If your business is in need of plastic machining services, we are a smart investment. Call us today at (800) 295-7660 to find out more!