Plastic Machining for Agricultural Parts and Equipment

Agricultural equipment is expected to meet strict standards for quality, longevity, and performance. While many parts may be constructed from various metals, there are several instances where machined composite plastic is the ideal choice. Parts used in agricultural equipment like spacers, hose clamps, gears, sprockets, pulleys, and even windows can all be precision machined using advanced CNC capabilities. As Washington’s trusted source for plastic machining services, DP West produces a number of custom and stock plastic parts to meet various application demands. Dependent on the specific plastics like UHMW Polyethylene, acrylic, and polycarbonate can all be used, depending on the intended use of the part. Here are some of the most distinct advantages to using plastics for machined agricultural parts.

Improved Wear Life

Compared to metal parts, plastic has an exceptionally low coefficient of friction and natural wear-resistance that makes it ideal for demanding applications. Even when used in conjunction with a metal part of component, plastic has non-abrasive properties that can help preserve longevity of metal mating surfaces.

Great Resistance to Damage

Engineered plastics offer some of the best resistance to abrasion, corrosion, rust, acids, organic solvents, alkalis, and even UV light. Since agricultural equipment is often used outdoors, working with dirt, rocks, water, and nutrients, engineered plastic is the smart material choice for many parts and components. DP West also offers polycarbonate sheet as the perfect alternative to glass windows in agricultural equipment. This material is transparent, 50 times stronger than glass, and has built-in UV protection, making it the perfect alternative for various commercial applications.

Reduced Weight

Compared to some heavy-weight metal components, engineered composite plastics offer equal or better performance – at a significantly lower weight. The more you are able to utilize these lightweight, advanced plastics in your agricultural equipment, the lighter the cumulative curb weight will be. All this means improvements in efficiency, reduced compaction, and reduced structural stress.

Less or No Lubrication Required

Engineered plastic parts offer low coefficients of friction, and often have high surface lubricity from the use of internal fillers. This allows you to use various parts with little or no lubrication required. Metal components require constant lubrication to overcome friction and heat from metal-to-metal contact. This equates to more maintenance, greater material costs, and more downtime for your equipment. Plastic parts and components provide consistent, low-maintenance performance for your agricultural equipment.

Experts in advanced plastic machining projects both big and small, DP West has great experience working with various industry partners around Washington. Whether you need a single custom prototype, or thousands of identical parts produced at maximum efficiency – we have the capacity, equipment, material choices, and expert staff to make it happen. We offer consistently high-grade products that serve your needs for years to come. Learn more about our capabilities and tell us what you are looking for by calling (800) 295-7660.