Methods for Manufacturing Custom Plastic Parts

Across countless industries, there is a universal need for plastic parts machining services. Fundamental to many of the products and equipment we use on a daily basis, plastic parts like sprockets and gears play a huge role in the internal mechanisms of various pieces of equipment. DP – West, Inc. Specializes in custom plastic parts manufacturing, with our expertise in machining services. Design, material choices, surface finish, and more can all be dialed-in according to your unique application needs. To carry out precision custom CNC plastic machining services, we generally use one of two methods: Routing or Milling.

CNC Routing

Offering advanced 2-D and 3-D cutting capabilities, our CNC plastic routing technique produces custom machine plastic parts. Depending on the shape and complexity of your workpiece, we offer our routing services with a 2, 3, or 5-axis configuration. Plastic parts with multiple surfaces, angles, and complex designs require a 5-axis routing configuration for optimal precision and control, while 2-D parts and simplified 3-D configurations can be produced using just a 2 or 3-axis routing machine. To meet the varied needs of our customers, we offer CNC routing services with equipment capable of plastic machining on a 2, 3, and 5-axis configuration. Since all routing is carried out through advanced CNC control, you can trust parts will be produced to the highest degrees of precision and consistency possible.


CNC Milling

Another common plastic machining process we offer is CNC milling. Using a rotary cutting too, this process removes exact amounts of material through variation in the cutter head speed, pressure ratings, and directional axes. Depending on the specifics of your plastic part design, this process can be carried out by either feeding the workpiece into the stationary cutting tool, moving the tool across the stationary workpiece, or a combination of both methods.

Top-Tier Manufacturing Services for Custom Plastic Parts

A trusted resource for advanced CNC plastic part manufacturing, DP West has an array of plastic machining services to meet various industry demands. We can take on nearly all custom plastic parts production projects, working with highly-sought-after materials like UHMW plastic and polycarbonate. Professionals in our field, we provide personalized customer service to back up our advanced small-to-large-scale parts production capabilities. Further equip your business capabilities by partnering with Washington’s top-choice for custom plastic parts manufacturing. Call DP West today at (800) 295-7660.